Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Ukraine

The HSU is a central point of contact for companies with business interests in Ukraine and Switzerland. The HSU supports Swiss and Ukrainian companies in the areas of communication, information services, consulting, contact mediation, networking, logistics, payment transactions, public administration and mediation, among other things.

The long-term goal is to increase trust and draw attention to the economic relationship between the two countries, thereby increasing market opportunities for goods and services. In other words, human relations and trade relations in and between the two countries must be intensified.

This increased cooperation can also be seen in the context of the post-war period. The more Switzerland and Ukraine maintain economic relations in advance, the stronger and more successful the reconstruction of Ukraine will be.

Why joining our chamber


Since 2022, we have been advising Ukrainians in Switzerland on economic issues as part of the association. The HSU can use this network.

Contact point for SMEs

Some Chambers of Commerce put emphasis on large companies. However, small and medium-sized companies also play an important role for us.

Sustainable know-how

In Europe, sustainability, circular economy and organic production are gaining in importance. We have the network you can use.

Eastern Europe expertise

Not only do we know our way around Ukraine, we understand the economic, political and social context in the entire region.

Clarifcations with authorities

We know the political and official processes. We also have members with political insight who help to carry out official clarifications.


We take every request seriously and process it quickly and in the best possible way so that you receive reliable answers or contacts that you can work with efficiently.

Contact us today and get


Services We Provide


Information about markets, sectors and other areas in Switzerland and Ukraine


Support with administrative work (e.g. registrations, clarifications, paper work, etc.)


Provision and establishment of network contacts


Organisation of events (information event, network meetings, etc.)


Help with questions about import & export, taxes, the political and economic situation and other topics


Clarification and information about legal regulations


Arranging your inquiries to the right places and people


Expanding the reach of your brand by advertising on our platforms