Due to the war of aggression against Ukraine in 2022, many people were forced to leave their beautiful country. Over 70,000 people from Ukraine have now also arrived in Switzerland (as of January 2023). Many of these people want to get involved professionally and socially. Companies from the Ukraine and Switzerland would also like to deal more with the respective other economy. Despite the war, people want to get involved with ideas and opportunities. It is now also up to Switzerland to continue to shake hands with the people from Ukraine in order to strengthen social understanding and economic stability.

In order to improve the exchange between the countries, it is important that people and companies are brought together so that they can contribute their interests and ideas to a greater extent. This requires a platform that is intended as a meeting point for all those who want to campaign for economic cooperation. Consequently, the founding of the Swiss-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce was and is a logical conclusion.

About HSU

The Association of Chambers of Commerce Switzerland-Ukraine (HSU) was founded on February 24, 2023, is legally an association and is entered in the commercial register. The HSU is a central point of contact for companies with business interests in Ukraine and Switzerland. The HSU supports Swiss and Ukrainian companies in the areas of communication, information services, consulting, contact mediation, networking, logistics, payment transactions, public administration and mediation, among other things.

HSU maintains and coordinates relationships with diplomatic missions, public authorities, organizations and associations. In addition, the HSU aims to build long-term, sustainable and trust-based relationships between the Swiss and Ukrainian economy.

In this context, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should also be supported in their opportunities to open up markets.


The long-term goal is to increase trust and draw attention to the economic relationship between the two countries, thereby increasing market opportunities for goods and services. In other words, human relations and trade relations in and between the two countries must be intensified.

This increased cooperation can also be seen in the context of the post-war period. The more Switzerland and Ukraine maintain economic relations in advance, the stronger and more successful the reconstruction of Ukraine will be.


Die Handelskammer Schweiz – Ukraine wurden am 24. Februar 2023 in Bern gegründet und hat ihren Sitz im Kanton Solothurn. Die gesamten Statuten finden Sie hier als Dokument auf.

Statutes as a document (only German)


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